Rhino Front Sight

Rhino Front Sight


(Ships week of January 22nd)


Co-Witnessing is the ability to use your iron sights in coordination with a red dot or a holographic optic. The point of the Rhino Front Sight (RFS) is to allow users a back- up sight.

Anytime you attach electronics to your rifle you run the risk of them malfunctioning. While in a combat, self-defense, hunting, or a competition situation, a failed optic could be a matter of life and death, starving, or defeated by other competitors.

With the Rhino Front Sight you are able to transition seamlessly from your optic to your back up sight. This allows shooter to continue with their chosen objective within seconds.


  • Key-Mod Direct Attach
  • Machined from 7050 Aluminum
  • Full Co-Witness with Standard AR Optics
  • Comes with Standard square M4 style front sight post


WHAT YOU GET: Front Sight, Standard square M4 front sight post, hardware