Executive Ordnance is a veteran owned and operated company that supports our country and our freedom. We at Executive Ordnance are dedicated in providing our customers with the highest quality machined products. We take pride in perfecting all machining processes from start to finish. Customer satisfaction is the utmost importance.


Imagine shopping for a high-end rifle and you come across the finest machined AR on the shelf. The anatomy of the rifle is perfect. Every part of the weapon fits together with smooth transitions. Your arms extend to embrace this impeccable work of art, one hand gripping the solidarity of the hand guard and the other hand wrapping around a lightweight polymer grip. Desperately needing to feel the strength and quality extend to the grip, David Bonine, owner/operator of Executive Ordnance, envisioned not only a different type of grip, but an extension of the quality and precision found on the top-of-the line rifles.

That vision was transformed into reality and the Executive Ordnance grip was born after he spent several long nights in the garage with micrometers, guns and a determination to craft a superior product. The Executive Ordnance experience is now available to gun lovers all over the world.